Institute for Sustainability


Institute approach

The Institute for Sustainability will use an iterative process (Figure 1) to:

  • Work with partner organisations in the integrated development and application of research efforts around three global research challenges, drawing on existing discipline-specific areas of research excellence.
  • With support of collaborating partners, to identify andinitiate interdisciplinary, practical, engaged solutions to real-world sustainability issues in contributing to Newcastle University as a World-Class Civic University, delivering benefits to individuals, organisations and society as a whole.
  • Further the development and increase the impact of excellent research, through implementation as demonstration projects, collaborating with and disseminating to external partners.
  • Use the knowledge gained from the implementation of demonstration within society to develop existing and emerging areas of research excellence.
  • Deliver relevant, accessible, informative and timely communication of outcomes and lessons learned from demonstration in sustainability which can be applied in developing policy, action and innovation. 
Approach to research strategy
Figure 1: Institute approach

Institute Strategy


The Institute for Sustainability will actively support the Newcastle University vision of being a Civic University with a global reputation for academic excellence in responding to the challenges faced by civil society.

In this role the Institute for Sustainability will contribute to a future where “Enough, For All, Forever” is a reality.

Enough - implies an economic sufficiency (though not wasteful excess)

For all - evokes both social equity and consideration for the non-human inhabitants of shared ecosystems

Forever - signals respect for natural resource limitations as well as the pursuit of "inter-generational justice"

To do this, the Institute for Sustainability will draw upon the experience of collaborating partners and areas of established and emergent research excellence, to provide an internationally-leading contribution to interconnected global research challenges in the field of sustainability. In carrying out these activities we will pioneer ways to create mutual benefits between human and environmental systems.


  • Contribute positively to the issues of equality, health, prosperity, and the wellbeing of society by addressing our sustainability research challenges.
  • Bridge boundaries and be highly collaborative working alongside industry, policymakers and communities both in the UK and internationally. 
  • Provide an international platform to influence policy, debate and research.
  • To provide leadership in framing sustainability research questions, play an active role in recruiting world-leading academics in areas that resonate with our research strengths, secure significant and diverse funding required to tackle global problems.
  • Support wider University initiatives and aspirations related to sustainability
  • Find solutions to sustainability challenges that serve the needs of both society and the ecosystem.
  • To develop technology that contributes to a future where “Enough, For All, Forever” is a reality. 


The Institute aspires to play a leading role in enhancing the university’s global reputation by facilitating the development of our research so that it has significant international reach. We do this through extensive research collaborations, informing policy formulation or through driving forward innovation. As such we work with other research intensive institutions, policy makers at regional and global levels, business and civil society.

Further information

For further details, please see our full Institute strategy (PDF: 419KB) and Institute for Sustainability Internationalisation Strategy (PDF: 490KB).