Institute for Sustainability


Communications strategy


The main purpose of the Institute for Sustainability’s communications strategy is to deliver accessible, appropriate and informative communications aimed at one or more of the Institute’s core audiences: partners, expert practitioners, world-leading international academics, policymakers and funders. This will help it to become a leading UK sustainability institute known and respected internationally for a distinctive approach based on interdisciplinarity and demonstration of solutions.  

The strategy describes the Institute’s key aims and objectives in accordance with its research strategy. The Institute works closely with researchers at Newcastle University to communicate sustainability research in the most effective way possible. In order for the Institute to deliver research activities and findings from sustainability research at Newcastle University to core audiences it will:

  • Aid the Institute in delivering the objectives of its strategy.
  • Be attuned with the Key Research Challenges: Integrated Infrastructure Systems, Production and Resources, and Consumption and Waste.
  • Reflect Newcastle University’s Internationalisation and Engagement Strategy and promote the Institute as a beacon for international, interdisciplinary research, innovation and teaching in sustainability at the university.
  • Encourage academic staff to communicate the findings of their research to core audiences, and seek advice on science communication from the Institute where appropriate.


  • Communicate effectively and consistently the work of the Institute and its mission in the world through its publications, events and networks for developing policy, action and innovation.
  • Create a ‘culture of communication’ in sustainability research through the Institute, empowering sustainability researchers to embed communications in the research they do to facilitate engagement and create impact (see Figure 1).
  • Show how research in sustainability at Newcastle University is relevant on the regional, national and international policymaking platform, focusing on interdisciplinary research in sustainability that combines expertise from multiple schools and departments.
  • Help core audiences see the ‘bigger picture’ of sustainability and how it applies to environmental and social needs highlighting their ecological interdependencies.
  • Highlight the value of Newcastle University research addressing issues in sustainability through the Institute’s Research Challenges and Areas of Research Excellence.


Impact diagram
Figure 1: Communications is one essential component of creating wider impacts in sustainability beyond the university.