Institute for Sustainability


Universities and the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Connecting Newcastle University research with the UN High Level Political Forum

9:30–10:00        Registration and refreshments.

10:00–10:20      Welcome and introduction, including an overview of the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals in Newcastle University’s strategy.  (Dr Phil McGowan and Prof Mark Shucksmith)

10:20–10:55       Key Note: The challenges and opportunities for Universities to engage in the U.N. 2030 Agenda

Professor Patrick Paul Walsh, University College Dublin, Senior Advisor to the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network 

10:55–11:05     Q&A

Session 1: Policy Context on Sustainable Development Goals

11:05–11:25     Dominic White, WWF, Co-chair of UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development   

The opportunities for academia to engage with NGOs, and influence policymakers, on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

11:25–11:35      Q&A

Session 2: Connecting Newcastle University with the United Nations High Level Political Forum

11:35–12:00  Newcastle University’s engagement on the SDGs and an overview of the United Nations High Level Political Forum (Dr Phil McGowan, Dr Graham Long)

12:00–12:10   Q&A

12:10–13:00 Lunch – opportunity for participants to sign up to ‘SDG interest groups’

Session 3: Working in Partnership to deliver Impact on the SDGs Session

13:00–15:50  A set of five short presentations from partners and academic colleagues on a set of the Sustainable Development Goals. Each speaker will consider the opportunities on the SDGs for academia to work with external partners. Speakers include RSPB and Siemens.

15:50–16:00  Next Steps to connect Newcastle University research to the UN High Level Political Forum in 2018

16:00–17:00  Wine reception and Networking