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NUIfS2016 Outputs

Outputs and materials from the 2016 Institute for Sustainability Annual Conference.

Speaker Presentations - Session 1

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NUIfS 2016 Session 1 Presentations

Universities and the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, Prof Patrick Paul Walsh, University College Dublin and UN SDSN

Prof Patrick Paul Walsh introduces how the SDGs were formed and how universities can contribute to the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

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Patrick Paul Walsh

WWF-UK and the SDGs, Dr Ruth Fuller

Dr Ruth Fuller introduces the work of the WWF and where academic research can add value to the SDGs.

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Ruth Fuller, IfS Conference

The work of the International Council for Science (ICSU), Lucilla Spini, D.Phil.

How the ICSU is strengthening international science for the benefit of all societies, and the role of science in the SDGs.

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Lucilla Spini, ICSU

Action for Warm Homes, Jenny Saunders OBE

The role of National Energy Action in meeting SDG 7 and how academic research can 'increase access to affordable and clean energy systems and energy efficiency for all’.

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Jenny Saunders Presentation IfS Conference

Speaker Presentations - Session 2

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NUIfS 2016 Session 2 Presentations

Addressing air pollution, Uma Rajarathnam, Enzen Global

Uma Rajarathnam introduces how the SDGs can tackle air pollution in cities and the work of Enzen in research to policy.

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Uma Rajarathnam

Uma Rajarathnam, IfS Conference

Sustainable buildings: domestic retrofit, Dr Sara Walker, Newcastle University

Sara presents how retrofitting houses can make communities and cities sustainable (Goal 11).

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Sara Walker presentation

sara walker photo

 Climate change adaptation in cities, Dr Alistair Ford and Prof Hayley Fowler, Newcastle University

Alistair presents how preparing for climate change in cities involves understanding changes in extreme rainfall for adapting to extreme weather events. 

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Ali Ford presentation

alistair ford photo

Sustainable Design, Louisa Bowles, Hawkins/Brown

Louisa presents how sustainable design can help meet the SDGs, using the Urban Sciences Building at Science Central as an example.

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Louisa Bowles


Louisa Bowles

How do we make wastewater treatment sustainable?, Dr Adam Javis, Newcastle University

Dr Adam Jarvis presents wastewater research from Newcastle University relevant to the SDGs, including treatment of household and mine wastewater.

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Adam Jarvis Presentation

Adam Jarvis at 2016 IfS Conference.

Resource use efficiency is the key to future food security, Prof Carlo Leifert, Newcastle University

Prof Carlo Leifert presents how major food crop yields have plateaued in recent decades and solutions for restoring the world's soils for agriculture.

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Prof Carlo Leifert

Photo of Carlo Leifert

Air Pollution and the UN SDGs, Dr Paul Goodman, Newcastle University

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Paul Goodman

Paul Goodman Photo

Food and Resources: The challenge of healthy sustainable and affordable food, Dr Wendy Wrieden, Newcastle University

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Wendy Wrieden Presentation

Wendy Wrieden

Adapting for climate change, Andy Mace, ARUP

Andy Mace presents the work of ARUP on adapting cities to climate change.

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Andy Mace Presentation

Andy Mace at 2016 IfS Conference