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Agro-urban sustainability

Agro-urban sustainability: Optimisation of food production, energy and water management in buildings through integrated rooftop greenhouses

Enviresearch agro-urban image 1 (image courtesy of fertilecity RTG-ICTA-UAB)


The research proposed aims to improve and promote local urban food production with a lower energy costs and environmental impact in Northern and Southern EU countries where RTGs could be implemented. The study will assess how urban food production on buildings can be optimised through integrated Rooftop Greenhouses (RTGs), such as the RTG Lab at ICTA-UAB (Barcelona, Spain) and the upcoming Urban Sciences Building (USB) at Science Central, Newcastle.

The research proposed will provide Mohammad and Elisa with the opportunity to visit a research facility (the RTG Lab at the ICTA building, UAB), establishment of a new collaboration in urban food production between the two European Institutions, and supports the development of a case of support for a rooftop greenhouse at the Urban Science Building at Newcastle University.

ICTA-UAB: Institute of Environmental Science and Tecnology, ICTA, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona-UAB, Spain. Urban Sciences Building (USB)

Enviresearch agri-urban image 2
Urban Sciences Building. Image courtesy of Science Central