Institute for Sustainability



We provide leadership and innovation in sustainability demonstration and research.

Approach to research
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We focus on research excellence and interdisciplinarity to deliver practical, engaged solutions to real-world sustainability issues.

Our role is to bridge boundaries in sustainability research and be highly collaborative with industry, academia, policymakers and communities both in the UK and internationally.

We act to develop and strengthen relationships which support regional, national and international interdisciplinary research relating to sustainability.

Through our available funding calls and support services, we aim to foster and promote new or emerging collaborations and partnerships that cross traditional boundaries.

We draw upon our areas of established research excellence to:

  • apply research efforts around three global research challenges    

  • support internal and collaborating partners to identify and initiate practical, engaged solutions to real-world sustainability issues that combine multiple disciplines

  • demonstrate solutions

Research to Policy

Sustainability researchers at Newcastle University inform policy at the local, national and international level. They inform a range of policies for a vast number of areas in sustainability, including air quality, biodiversity, climate adaptation, energy, flood management, transport and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Policy Notes

Note 3 - Sustainable Futures: Research, Policy and Practice

How academic research informs policy and practice for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable Futures: Research, Policy and Practice

sustainable futures policy note

Note 2 - Holding water: Working with nature to ease floods and droughts

Introduces the multiple benefits of nature-based approaches to managing floods and droughts.

Holding Water: Working with Nature to Ease Floods and Droughts

holiding water policy note

Note 1 - Batteries included: Electrical energy storage for the grid

A primer on battery-based energy storage technologies and how they provide services to the grid.

Policy Note: Batteries included: Electrical energy storage for the grid

energy storage policy note