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Demonstrating Solutions

Demonstrating Solutions

for global challenges in sustainability

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Our Research Challenges, which form the basis of the overarching strategy, can be translated into demonstration projects. These provide a physical research space or platform for full scale applications of research, products or services, which occur within the appropriate context, in the real world.

Typical characteristics of demonstration projects include:

  • enabling of large-scale testing of new products and services in real world applications
  • moving new products closer to wider application
  • demonstration of research within its final/appropriate environment and/or conditions
  • implementation and replication within context and at operational scale. A fully functional real world demonstration of system integration.
  • Technology readiness levels at the > 5 end of the spectrum

Sustainability Practice Notes

Note 1 - Improving gas demand estimates to enhance sustainability

How the energy industry can use weather and socioeconomic factors to predict gas demand, determine areas of greatest need and aid fuel poverty alleviation.

Practice Note: Improving Gas Demand Estimates to Enhance Sustainability

Gas Flame

Note 2 - The 'dragonfly approach' to stabilising floating wind turbines

A new approach to stabilising floating wind turbines that balances the platform similar to how a dragonfly manoeuvres its wings.

Practice Note: The ‘dragonfly approach’ to stabilising floating wind turbines


Note 3 - Sustainable practices for microbreweries

How microbreweries can reduce their ecological footprint, with attention given to waste as a resource, energy usage, biogas generation and cleaning.

Practice Note: Sustainable practices for microbreweries

stu brew practice brief

We support a range of demonstration projects:

We are always interested to hear about Newcastle University demonstration projects. If your project is not listed above, please contact us at to discuss future inclusion.