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Customer-Led Network Revolution (CLNR)

Customer-Led Network Revolution (CLNR)

The UK's biggest smart grid project is in the forefront of the move towards a low carbon economy. 14,000 homes and businesses, mostly in the North East and Yorkshire, are involved in this innovative £54 million project, helping us to find ways for customers to reduce both their energy costs and carbon emissions in the years to come.

If, as a result, it speeds up the installation of low-carbon technologies by just one year, it could save the country around £8 billion in energy costs and 43 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

There can be a tendency for smart grid specialists to focus on technology or tariffs and forget the customer altogether. This is not our approach. The Customer-led Network Revolution project places the customer at the heart of the smart grid. We recognise that customers have choices and that to deliver the benefits of the project and the low carbon economy in a cost-effective way we must take account of customer concerns and interests.

The project builds on and uses the strengths and expertise of a range of leading industrial partners:

  • Northern Powergrid is the 'host' distribution network operator – the trials will involve customers and technologies connected to the electricity network which is operated by Northern Powergrid.
  • British Gas has the UK’s leading smart meter programme and will lead on the customer-facing activities.
  • EA Technology is an engineering consultancy with extensive experience of the electricity industry, including smart grids.

Also key to the success of the project are the national partners Sustainability First and National Energy Action, who bring further specialist expertise, and regional partners who will introduce customers to the project. They are keen to be involved in a project that has the potential to help them and their customers make the transition to a low carbon economy.

For updates about the project please see the CLNR Twitter feed.