Institute for Sustainability

Your Research

Your Research

How the Institute for Sustainability can support your research.


Enable cross-disciplinary collaborations and networking.

  • Networking - Supporting and coordinating networks of Newcastle University Researchers.
  • Events - Organising Institute for Sustainability events and meetings (e.g. conferences, workshops, Research Forum, Partnership Committee).
  • Interdisciplinarity - Facilitating introductions of cross-school and cross-faculty researchers.
  • External funding - Arranging focus groups around specific calls involving cross school/faculty academics and external parties.
Dr Jennine Jonczyk presenting poster at 2016 Institute for Sustainability Conference.

Research Proposals

Support proposals for funding research.

  • Letters of support - Writing letters of support for external proposals.
  • Assisting impact - Assistance in preparation of cases for support and pathways to impact.
  • Grant writing - Coordinating grant writing involving multiple partners.


Force Crag mine water treatment scheme in Cumbria led by Newcastle University researchers (Credit: John Malley, National Trust).


Providing a conduit between researchers and partners' organisations.

  • Make connections - Facilitate introductions to partners for proposals.
  • Present to IfS partners - Inviting researchers to talk at Partnership Committee.
  • Promotion - Produce externally facing communication and promotional materials for business, industry or policy.