Sustainable Campus

Staff Profile

Katherine Smith

Sustainability Officer


My role includes:


  • Running a sustainability engagement and action programme for staff: Action 2020
  • Managing the Sustainable Campus website: adding operational updates, events, news and continuously looking to improve the user journey
  • Supporting staff and students with their own sustainability projects
  • Increasing awareness of sustainability and promoting positive behaviour change through communications, publications, event stalls, presentations and workshops
  • Networking and building partnerships with other staff at the university and external organisations


  • Assisting with the maintenance of the LED project: inputting information on the LED installations and calculating the energy savings and payback of the project
  • Meter reads and bill validation regarding energy usage across the University

Waste and recycling

  • Managing furniture reuse of larger collections of items: circulating these through central reuse channels and arranging collections by reuse companies
  • Answering queries or issues to do with the internal reuse channels where staff can advertise single items or small collections of furniture
  • Assisting with varied waste disposal operations and improvements in facilities


  • Conducting annual internal audits of the Environmental and Energy Management Systems
  • Reporting on audit findings and closing out opportunities for improvement and non-conformities pertinent to my role