Energy Management System

Energy Management System (EnMS)

Newcastle University has implemented an Energy Management System which was certified to the ISO 50001 standard (PDF: 52KB) in July 2015.

The EnMS provides a framework by which the University monitors, measures and endeavours to reduce its overall energy consumption and carbon footprint. ISO 50001 requires that we set periodic objectives, targets and action plans, reflecting our continual improvement in energy performance.

The EnMS has been combined with the current ISO 14001 EMS, forming one all-encompassing integrated management system to allow us to conform with both standards and progress towards fully embedding sustainability in our day to day activities, including procurement and project design.

Energy Management Planning

As part of our EnMS we undertake an annual energy review so as to plan for, and monitor against, our energy objectives and targets and formulate appropriate action plans. This energy review ranks all our UK buildings and sites according to total energy consumption (kWh) where those which fall within the top 90% are considered for energy saving opportunities.

Significant Energy Users and Legal Requirements

We have created a number of Operational Control Procedures to control our significant energy uses, these significant energy uses include building systems such as; heating, ventilation and AHU’s as well as factors such as User Engagement. We also maintain a Legal and Other Requirements Register so as to ensure compliance with all relevant legislative requirements which apply to us.

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Energy Policy

Click here to view the University's Energy Policy (PDF: 1,251KB)

ISO 50001 Certification Stamp