Printers and Photocopiers

The University has in excess of 500 photocopiers and thousands of printers. As these are usually shared between multiple uses it is more difficult to know when these should be turned off and by whom.

The Sustainability Team has funding to invest in energy saving measures including small improvements like adding automatic timers to photocopiers. This is an action that a staff member of the environmental network would get involved in!

Energy Saving Actions:

  • Switch off equipment at the end of the day
    • A single photocopier on standby through the weekend and nights uses around £63 of electricity per year and results in emissions of 270Kg of carbon dioxide a year
    • If you know you are the last one out please switch off printers and photocopiers
    • Talk to colleaques and assign responsibilities for turning off shared equipment
  • Request an automatic timer
    • If you would like an automatic timer for a photocopier in your building please send a request to
  • Only print or copy when necessary
    • As well as wasting paper and ink unnecessary printing wastes energy. Think before you print
  • Print double sided wherever possible

Instructions for setting double sided printing on your PC

  • Click File on the menu bar
  • Select Print from the drop down list
  • Select Properties in the print dialogue box
  • Select the Finishing tab
  • Check the Print on both sides box
  • Click OK to exit the properties dialogue box
  • Click OK to print