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With more than 6,000 staff and 25,000 students, the University is like a small town. Often, when someone has something they don’t need, it's exactly what someone else is looking for.

Sharing equipment and furniture that is no longer of use saves money. It also saves energy, raw materials and precious time, which could be put back into research and development.

Furniture Reuse List

The Furniture Reuse List on SharePoint is where larger collections of furniture for reuse on campus are added and managed by the Sustainability Team. Campus-based colleagues can use this service to claim the advertised furniture.

Access the list here (University login required) and to claim an item for reuse, please:

  1. Click 'Edit in grid view' at the top of the list;
  2. Add your name in the 'Claimer' cell, if the item is not already reserved;
  3. Change the status of your item to 'Reserved';
  4. Type your campus delivery location into the 'Campus Delivery Location' column;
  5. Indicate which day(s) you will be on campus to receive the item(s) in the 'Delivery Date' column;
  6. Indicate whether you plan on taking the item home in the 'Will you be taking this item home?' column.

Please do not edit any other columns or cells. Emails will be automatically sent to the admin team, and you will be forwarded the Porter request once the delivery date is confirmed.

Please note:

  • This system is only managed on Thursdays and Fridays, and it may take up to a few weeks for your furniture to be delivered, depending on the Porters' availability;
  • Furniture is only available to be delivered to on-campus locations, however, can be taken home for reuse where specified in the 'Available For' column;
  • When claiming an item for home use, you will need to fill in and return to us a Transfer of Ownership Form, which will be emailed to you.

If you have any further questions, please email

Furniture Reuse Mailing List

The Furniture Reuse mailing list is an informal way for colleagues to share one or two items that you no longer need with a wide range of people across the University.

Estates and Facilities may also utilise this mailing list to advertise larger collections of furniture that are available for the University community to reuse.

Sign up

To sign up, send an email to with the subject 'Join Furniture Reuse'.

To be removed from the list, please see NUIT's guide to unsubscribing from mailing lists.

Some waste is unsuitable for reuse. The University provides many facilities for recycling and disposal.