The largest transportation challenge facing the city is controlling the increasing road traffic and congestion arising from continuing growth in car ownership.

The University's Travel Plan Update 2015 sets out objectives and targets to address all campus related transport issues, from staff and student commuting patterns to business related travel, the use of University fleet vehicles and delivery traffic. Our Travel Plan is reviewed every 2 years, with a full update due to be published for 2014.

The graph above shows the reduction in the number of staff single occupancy car journeys to the University over the last decade - 40% to 16%!

The University is committed to bringing together land use and transport planning through its Master Plan and future developments to reduce the need to use private cars, make the best of existing infrastructure, manage travel demand and promote the use of more sustainable modes of transport. View the Estate Support Service Travel & Parking pages.


The University is also a member of key local and regional transport working groups, such as: