Why Public Transport?

CO2 emissions per train/bus passenger are on average 6-8 times lower than car travel.

Why use public transport?

  • It’s better for the environment than driving singularly in a car
  • Travel time can be used for leisure (reading/sleeping/social media etc.)

Did you know the University offer staff a range of discounted travel schemes for staff?

If you are unsure which scheme would be best for you download details of all discounted travel schemes 2013/14 (Word: 49KB). Alternatively if you would like some advice on which scheme would offer the best value for money for your particular journey please contact ess-helpdesk@ncl.ac.uk.

If you’re new to public transport, plan your route at http://jplanner.travelinenortheast.info.

The table below shows average time from the same location in various areas for the journey into University campus.




Public Transport


10 mins

9 mins

20 mins


42 mins

15 mins

30 mins


35 mins

17 mins

18 mins


58 mins

14 mins

30 mins


1 hour 21 mins

28 mins

30 mins


2 hours 32 mins

49 mins

43 mins

Plan your route here



Travel Line

As shown using public transport can sometimes take longer than cycling or walking – so if you can, try and walk or cycle into University. If not, using public transport is a much better option than driving.