Clinical Waste

Clinical waste imageWe generate around 130 tonnes of clinical waste - also known as healthcare waste - per year from our labs. All of this waste is currently collected and transported by Healthcare Environmental Servives and disposed of by incineration.

Documented control measures are in place to ensure that clinical waste is handled, stored, transported and disposed of in a way that ensures the health and safety of staff, students and the environment is maintained. Please contact the Technical Manager in your working area for advice if you have any queries relating to clinical waste disposal.

If you are planning to conduct any work that may produce clinical waste away from your usual working area, you must contact the Technical Manager or Supervisor and ensure that a suitable procedure is in place to dispose of the waste correctly.

Further information on the disposal of clinical waste can be found in the Hazardous 'Clinical' Waste Storage and Disposal Procedure.

To request a copy please contact