Gas Canisters

Pressurised gas canisters

image of gas bottlesPressurised Gas cylinders are hazardous waste and a safety risk because their contents maybe toxic (such as chlorine); flammable (such as propane, butane or acetylene); or pressurised (presenting the risk of the violent release of their contents).

Small canisters

Small gas canisters should be disposed of as Hazardous waste (please see your school safety officer). You must inform the contractor that you have gas canisters and when they are collected ensure they are placed upright and the driver is aware of there previous contents.

Large canisters

The vast majority of large gas cylinders will have been supplied by a contractor as part of a rental agreement. This usually accommodates the return of empty cylinders for reuse.  So please contact the contractor.
If you do not know the contractor, usually cylinders are well labelled and in many cases the supplier name is stamped on the actual cylinder. Please call the numbers below to arrange collection.

However, there maybe occasions where the original supplier cannot be identified. These are called orphan cylinders and Calor Gas collects all orphaned cylinders, please see details below.

Good practice guidance on the safe storage and handling of gas cylinders is available from the HSE Waste Industry Safety and Health Forum (WISH) (PDF: 277KB)

Parent company Collection company Telephone/Fax number

Calor Gas

Brooksight Ltd

Tel: 0207 731 1221
Fax: 0207 731 4155

BP Synergy

Asset Services Ltd

Tel: 01304 827 277
Fax: 01304 827 287


In-house collection by own staff and vehicles

Tel: 0845 6015176


In-house collection by own staff and vehicles

Tel: 0800 111 333