Confidential Waste

confidential waste by DaveBleasdale.

What can you dispose of as confidential waste?

The majority of the confidential waste that we dispose of is paper based, whether that be examination papers/scripts or personnel records, etc. however we also assist people in disposing of CD's/ floppy discs and x-rays.

If your confidential paper waste has already been shredded it does not need to be disposed of in the confidential waste sacks. Instead please use the standard paper recycling bins or give full bags to your cleaner. You can get additional plastic liners from you cleaner also.

How do you use the confidential waste service?

Paper Waste

There are two ways of disposing of confidential waste paper:


If you are disposing of small amounts of confidential waste over a long period, sacks are available. You can only order a maximum of 50 sacks. If you require any more than 50 bags then you should use the wheelie bin system detailed below.

Confidential waste sacks are available to purchase at £1.00 +VAT each.

To use the sack system please:

  • Fill out an internal purchase requisition.
  • E-mail or scan a copy of the requisition to and , Tel: 86629 or 85631.
  • Fill the bags with confidential waste, only to the specified line.
  • Once a sack is full, seal it with the security tag that is provided.
  • Request a collection from the portering team by completing the Porter Request Form.
  • Ensure the sacks are kept securely until the collection.

Please be aware that sacks should not weigh more than 18Kg. Even though they have a marked 'fill line' they can very quickly become heavy before reaching this line. As a guide, 15Kg is the weight of a standard box of A4 paper.

Our porters collect 100s of these bags each week, so although 15Kg does not sound very much in one go. When you carry many in one day it adds up. Overweight sacks will not be collected. The producer will be required to decant some of the material into additional sacks and will be charged accordingly.


120 Litre Wheelie Bins

A large (120 litre) secure container can be provided if you are disposing of large amounts of confidential waste, either as a one off or as a permanent facility.

The following are total prices for the specified number of bins (please note that you must submit a PO when you arrange collection of the bins):

1 - 3 bins = £30
4 bins = £40
5 bins = £50
6 bins = £60
7 bins = £70
and so on...

To use the wheelie bin system please:

Please put a copy of this poster on or near the confidential waste bin to act as a reminder for users of what can go in them.


CDs/Floppy Discs etc. Waste

If you have any CDs or Floppy discs containing confidential information then you can also dispose of them using the confidential waste sacks. You order the sack in the same way, except the charge is £10 and you need to make clear on the purchase requisition that it is CDs or floppy discs that you intend to dispose of. Please also label the bag clearly to indicate the waste type.

Other confidential Waste Items

If you have any other items, such as x-rays or tapes that you believe must be disposed of as confidential waste please contact for assistance and advice.

Interesting Fact: All confidential waste is collected by Riverdale Paper PLC and sent for secure shredding is recycled into tissue / toilet paper and cardboard locally. All of our confidential paper waste is processed at a local mill in the North East and is made back into a tissue paper. All of the leading brands of tissue use this waste in their tissue paper and so you might well meet our confidential waste again...somewhere down the line.