Office Declutter Guide

This guide has been designed to help dispose of your office waste in an easy way when you are spring cleaning, or when you are moving from one office to another. It is supposed to make what might be perceived as an arduous time consuming task, easier and quicker.

declutterEasy bite sized chunks

To make decluttering or moving as hassle free as possible we have broken down the process into manageable 10-30 minute chunks which you can carry out independently of each other and over time.

Follow the step by step guide and you can fit your move or spring clean easily in between your normal work.

This way you can declutter or move over a period of a month or a few weeks and take any of the stress away.

Top tip!

Start now… but start small!!! Putting off the task is the number one obstacle to a more organised office!

Follow the links below and get started!

Action 1: Paper Products (30-60 mins)

Paper paper everywhere! Get rid of all of that paper junk for recycling.

paperWhen doing large clear outs please remove paper from folders and/or bindings which are another material such as metal or plastic.

You can put virtually any paper product in the paper recycling including books, catalogues and directories. Staples and bulldog clips are OK.

You can dispose of paper/ card up to the thickness of cereal packets by this method.

Please check it is not confidential first!

Action 2: Batteries (10 mins)

Recycle those Batteries! Everyone has batteries lurking in their desk or on shelves. Let us recycle them for you

Action 3: Mobile Phones (10 mins)

Another quick win. The majority of us have mobiles lurking in our desks! Put it to some use by donating it to charity before it becomes obsolete!

Action 4: Electrical Items (20-30 mins)

We can no longer put any electrical items into the general waste stream. Anything from a calculator up to an incubator must be disposed of properly as they contain hazardous materials. Everyone has electronic waste lurking around the office.

NOTE: Make sure you do this action at least 1 month before any deadline

booksAction 5: Books (10-30 mins)

Another quick win. Books are easy to identify and pulled off the shelf into a box.

We can reuse the literature if it is still relevant or we can recycle it if not.

Books are very emotive subject but please consider if they can bring more benefit by being passed onto someone else than staying on your shelf. We can resell about half of the books we collect. The rest are recycled via the normal paper recycling facilities.

Action 6: Cassettes (Audio and VHS), CDs/DVDs, floppy discs (10-30 mins)


Data stored on obsolete media? E.g. Cassettes (Audio and VHS), CDs/DVDs, floppy discs. Put these straight into the any other plastics recycling.

Check it is not confidential first! 

Action 7: Lever Arch Files (10 mins)

When you are clearing large amounts of paper from your office you will inevitably produce a lot of lever arch files and binders. We can reuse most of these by redistributing in the student population.

More information on reusing Lever Arch Files.

Action 8: Polystyrene (10 mins)

Polystyrene is a quick win to declutter heaven as it takes up lots of space and we can dispose of it easily.

Action 9: Stationery ( 15 mins)

Do you need two staplers? Please return any surplus stationery items to your office stores for someone else to use.

Action 10: Furniture (30 mins)

Can someone else use your surplus furniture? We can have someone come and pick it up off you and if it is in good condition we can reuse it or recycle it! Redistribute that furniture.

Action 11: Plastics (10-30 mins)

If it is plastic, we can recycle it. Please use the plastic bottles and any other plastics recycling bins.

workspaceMore top tips for decluttering your work space

  • Set a deadline and stick to it.  If you do 15 minutes a day or a task a week you can be declutter free in a couple of months.
  • Do not expect overnight results. Decluttering is a slow job and any short cuts are counter productive.
  • Do not transfer clutter to your new office!! Be realistic- will it really come in handy one day or is it just gathering dust?
  • Put unwanted clutter to good use by following our guide!
  • Declutter regularly! De cluttering is a way of life not a one off chore. Your state of mind is directly related to clutter in the office.  If you do not declutter regularly, it could be detrimental to your productivity and creativity!