Packaging from Deliveries

bubblewrapAlmost all deliveries arrive with some sort of plastic packaging. The packaging often helps to protect the product in transit or give information about the contents, and sometimes the packaging is just plain useless.

When you receive over packaged goods, in the first instance try to encourage the delivery company to take back any plastic packaging. This may not be possible in many cases, so if products arrive that you think are over packaged make sure you e-mail or tell the company sales rep.

We can recycle the plastic that comes with deliveries. This includes bubble wrap, shrink wrap and polythene.

If you only produce a small amount of waste plastic packaging please put it in the ‘all other plastic’ bin for recycling.

Now and then you may take a lot of deliveries and produce more plastic packaging than usual. If this is the case then please store the plastic and notify your cleaner.

Frequent deliveries generating large amounts of plastic? Please contact for disposal details.

The plastic packaging we collect is baled locally and sent to Derby for reprocessing. The reprocessing procedure separates out different types of plastic. The plastic that is used for packaging is separated into the specific polymer and made into flakes. This material is sold on the open market and often goes abroad, generally being used to make new consumer goods.