What can I recycle?

You can recycle all types of paper in the paper recycling bins including:

  • Any white or coloured paper
  • Shredded paper
  • Photocopier/computer paper
  • Leaflets/magazines/journals/newspapers/catalogues
  • Envelopes (including brown and those with windows)
  • Thin card, such as cereal packaging and microwave meal sleeves
  • Books
  • Coffee cups (please empty the cup of any contents before disposal to avoid contamination)

How can you recycle?

You can add any of the items above in the recycling bins found around campus.

Recycled Paper

If you are having a clearout or you have a large number of books / journals that need recycling you can order a wheelie bin.

If you need to dispose of large numbers of publications/leaflets/magazines or large amounts of other paper waste, please do not place them in the office paper recycling bins.

In these instances, please complete the form below and we will arrange for a 360l wheelie bin (domestic wheelie bin size) to be provided to ensure such material is collected and recycled.

The process for carrying out a paper clearout is as follows:

  • The bin will be delivered by the porters 3-5 after the request is submitted
  • You must notify the porters when the bin is 2/3rds full. The porters will either remove the bin or exchange the bin for another empty one.

Order a wheelie bin for paper clearoutsPaper Recycling Poster

Display our paper recycling poster next to your paper bin to show what can be recycled.

Interesting Fact: The paper is collected from the University and taken to a recycling center where pickers separate out the different types of paper. Each type is then baled and sent away to make recycled paper products. Some of the paper is taken to Aylesford Newsprint in Kent where it is cleaned, broken down to a liquid and recycled into newsprint. The newsprint is supplied to newspaper printers around the world.