We get a number of types of different ‘polystyrene’ packaging material on campus. This is usually used as a packaging material for IT and electrical equipment. This material can be coloured (black, red etc) and white; it is soft and spongy to touch and is made up of a bubbly plastic material.

Unfortunately polystyrene can not currently be recycled, and all forms of polystyrene material must be disposed of in the non-recyclables bin or in black bags.

Why Recycle?

The production and use of polystyrene has a range of environmental impacts.
Firstly, it requires significant quantities of resources, primarily fossil fuels, both as a raw material and to deliver energy for the manufacturing process.

The disposal of polystrene products also contributes significantly to their environmental impact. It can cause a litter nuisance and affect wildlife. (Source:  www.wasteonline.org.uk)

Where does our polystyrene go?

Our polystyrene is processed locally to be made into insulation products.