Textiles and clothing

Textile Recycling Image

Textiles made from both natural and man-made fibres can be recycled. They include:

  • curtains
  • bedding
  • leather
  • towels
  • bags
  • shoes
  • cloths
  • rugs
  • mats

Our textiles are recycled by The Salvation Army.

Make sure the items are clean and we cannot accept oily rags or personal textiles. Do not bring waste from home to University.

Textile Recycling ImageRemove all Newcastle University logos

To recycle any textiles please put them in a bag or box and fill in a porters request.  

The Sorting Process

Clothes placed in the textile bank are taken to a warehouse for sorting and separated into those good enough to wear again and those that aren't. Some of the textiles are good enough to wear again. The rest is reprocessed as filling for furniture, vehicle seats or industrial rags or wiping cloths.

Textile Recycling ImageThe fibre reclamation process

The mills grade incoming material by material type and colour. The colour sorting means no re-dying has to take place, saving energy and pollutants. Initially the material is shredded into fibres then spun ready for reweaving or knitting. The new yarns can then be used to make new items.