In order to reduce overall waste mass at the University we need to look at ways to minimise the amount of waste that we produce. There are many ways we can look to do this as an orgainsation, through smarter purchasing and through better contract and resource management to name a few, however there are also many small changes that everyone can make that will significantly reduce the amount of waste we produce.

Waste Minimisation Top Tips

The little changes that make a big difference:

  • Think before you print! Only print when necessary and make it double sided when you do!
  • Use electronic versions for policy/strategy/guidance documents where possible
  • Eliminate junk mail and unwanted subscription by unsubscribing to services or opting for paperless communication.
  • Consider your purchasing needs and buy no more than necessary. This works at work and at home! On average,
    £600 worth of food per family is thrown away each year. Only buy and cook the food you really
  • Avoid purchasing disposable items such as paper cups and plates. When possible, look for reusable items instead.
  • Use a Lug A Mug instead of paper cups for your hot drinks at EAT@NEWCASTLE venues and receive a 10p discount
  • Reuse envelopes and stationary.
  • Reduce plastics by using a reusable bottle and drinking tap water instead of buying bottled water
  • Before you dispose of something think about whether it could be used by someone else. If it can, add it to WARPit online

Packaging Waste

  • All deliveries arrive with some sort of packaging. The packaging often helps to protect the product in transit or give information about the contents but sometimes the packaging is just plain useless.
  • Please try to encourage delivery companies to take back any packaging thus reducing waste. This may not be possible in many cases, so if products arrive that you think are over packaged make sure you e-mail or tell the company sales rep.