Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research

Staff Profile

Dr Alasdair Charles

Director of SAgE Faculty Foundation Year / Lecturer


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Director of SAgE Faculty Foundation Year.
  • Academic Lead for electron microscopy

Areas of expertise

  • Corrosion
  • Electrochemistry
  • Engineering failures


  • BSc, PhD, CChem


  • FICorr, MRSC, FRMS, FRAS, member of NACE International


Research Interests

I trained as an electrochemist but have worked in the area of metals and alloys for many years. My research is mainly on corrosion and electrochemical topics associated with alloys used in the power-generating industry and in pipeline systems. I have an interest in high temperature measurements of pH and potential and in all types of environment assisted cracking from hydrogen embrittlement through to corrosion fatigue.

Research themes:



Other Expertise

I direct an analytical support service and have expertise in scanning electron microscopy and spectroscopic analysis.

PhD Postgraduate Supervision in Corrosion topics :

Jinwei Chen 1998-2003 (100%)
Shahinoor Dulal 1999-2003 (50% share)
Carly De Silva 2000-unsubmitted (100%)
Wenzhong Zhang 1999-2004 (100%)
Mirjan Vicevic 2003-2008 (70% share)
Alahji Mustapha 2006-2010 (90% share)
Octavio Albores 2007-2011 (70% share)

Daniel Sandana 2009- 2013 (part-time)

Ramoon Ahmed 2010 - unsubmitted 

Khalid Shartal 2014 - unsubmitted

Michael Pugh 2014 - 2020

Co-supervisor of several other related corrosion projects including

Muhammad Abbas with Marine, PhD 2016

Marco Pitome with Archaeology, 2015 - 2020

Alessandro Armigliato with Archaeology, 2019 -

Esteem Indicators

Chartered Chemist, 2001
Fellow of the Institute of Corrosion, 2002
Assistant Editor of international journal, Electrochimica Acta, 2000 -2002

Industrial Relevance


Specialist Expertise
Electron microscopy service and chemical analysis services - see ACMA website:

Specialist Equipment
See ACMA website:


UK 2227365 in respect of an electrical level sensor


Undergraduate Teaching

Modules in chemistry, corrosion, materials science and materials engineering from Foundation Year through to Masters level across three Schools.
I am module leader for eight modules, Director for the SAgE Faculty Foundation Year, Chair of Board of Studies and Chair of Staff Student Committee for Faculty Foundation Year.

Postgraduate Teaching

Modules in corrosion and materials science to MSc level across several Schools.