Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research

Staff Profile

Dr David Swailes



Research Interests:

Applied Mathematical Modelling, Fluid Dynamics, Turbulent Multiphase Flow, Stochastic Systems, Computational Methods



1996–1999 (EPSRC)  A theoretical study of gas-solid and gas-liquid turbulent two-phase flow.

2007–2009 (EPSRC)  Novel pdf–two-fluid models for particle transport in turbulent boundary layers.

PhD Supervision:

   ∗Stochastic Differential Equations and Two-Phase Flows (1994 - 1997).
     Optimal Inspection Strategies for Offshore Structures (1994 - 1997).
  ∗A Study of Total Production Maintenance in Small-Medium Size Enterprises. (2000 - 2004).   
    Turbulent Agglomeration and Break-Up in Nuclear Aerosols. (2005 - 2008)   
    Muscle Wrapping Techniques Applied to the Shoulder. (2005 - 2009)   
    Paramagnetic Microparticle Manipulation for Nucleic Acid Sequence Identification. (2005 - 2009)
  ∗Optimal Regulation of Active Vibration Controls. (2005 - 2010)
    The Development of Predictive Models for Microbial Corrosion in Sub-Sea Oil Pipelines. (2006 - 2009)
    Measurements of the Statistsical Properties of Particle Segretation in Turbulent Flow. (2007 - 2010)
 ∗Development of PDF Models for Particle Transport in Turbulent Boundary Layers. (2008 -2011)
    Knee joint kinematics associated with osteoarthritis in an older cohort. (2009 - 2012)

 (* principal supervisor)

Professional Memberships & Activity:

London Mathematical Society; Institute for Mathematics and its Applications; American Mathematical Society; Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Project Proposal Reviewer for EPSRC

Journal Referee for Physics of Fluids; Journal of Fluid Mechanics; International Journal of Multiphase Flow; International Journal for Heat and Fluid Flow






Teaching Interests:

Mathematical methods and techniques, applied mathematics in engineering, numerical methods, computational fluid dynamics.


BEng/MEng/MSc Projects:

Production Line Scheduling with Uncertainty; Particle Depostion from Turbulent Boundary Layers; Geodesic Wrapping for Composite Pressure Vessels; Modelling Heat Generation and Transfer in Surgical Bone Cements; Modelling Void Growth in Surgical Bone Cements;  Studies of Heat Transfer in  Cross Flow Heat Exchangers; Theoretical and Experimental Study of Journal Bearing Instabilities; Analysis of Field Data for Tidal Flow Energy Devices;  Design  of Marine Transport Saftey Systems.