Sir Joseph Swan Centre for Energy Research

Staff Profile

Dr Ethan Hack

Senior Lecturer


Research Interests

My research interests are in two areas:

  1. Plant-pathogen interactions, decomposition of plant material and biological control of plant diseases.
  2. Regulation of gene expression and molecular systematics of oil-producing green algae, including Botryococcus and Parachlorella.

Recent Research Students

Abdallah Aada: Identification of pathogens and control of spot blotch disease of barley (Hordeum vulgare) by combining plant resistance and biological control. Completed 2013.

Abdulmajeed Mlitan: Effects of cement dust and its constituents on fungal growth. Completed 2010.


Undergraduate Teaching

Stage 1:

ACE1022 Crop Pests (contributor)
BIO1001 Cell Biology 1 (contributor)
BIO1010 Biology in Action (contributor)

Stage 2:

BIO2012 Molecular Genetics and Mammalian Biochemistry (module leader)
BIO2022 Metabolism and Development (module leader)
BIO2023 Cell Biology 2 (module leader)

Stage 3:

ACE3037 Crop Pests Field Course (contributor)
BIO3004 Plant Biology 3 (contributor)
BIO3032 Cell Biology 3 (module leader)
BIO3197 Biological Literature Review (contributor)
BIO3198 Biological Information Project (contributor)
BIO3199 Biological Research Project (contributor)

Postgraduate Teaching

BIO8009 Fundamentals of Cell and Molecular Biology (module leader)