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Dr Fabio Cucinotta

Lecturer in Physical Chemistry


I completed my undergraduate Chemistry degrees at the University of Messina (Italy) in 2006, under the supervision of Prof. Sebastiano Campagna, with a study on the photophysical properties of polypyridine platinum(II) complexes. I then moved to the University of Münster (Germany) where I obtained, in 2010, my PhD in the group of Prof. Luisa De Cola, working on the synthesis and the photochemical characterisation of hybrid architectures based on the use of zeolite L crystals as host units for organic and organometallic chromophores.

I continued research on host-guest luminescent materials at the University of Eastern Piedmont, in Alessandria (Italy), as postdoctoral fellow within the group of Prof. Leonardo Marchese, broadening my expertise through the study of composite systems based on mesoporous silica, seeking applicative opportunities for the design and fabrication of light-emitting devices and sensors.

I joined the School of Chemistry at Newcastle University in March 2014 as Lecturer in Physical Chemistry.


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching

CHY1211 - Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry: Chemical Kinetics

CHY3201-3206-8841 - Advanced Physical Chemistry: Energetics and Dynamics

CHY8428 - Energy and Materials: Supramolecular Photochemistry

MChem and MSc project supervision


My research interests lie in the area of supramolecular photochemistry, ranging from the design to the spectroscopical study of organic and inorganic light harvesting systems.

Within this field, host-guest assemblies represent an interesting opportunity for combining the manifold properties of different chromophores and investigating the photoinduced processes that occur in complex architectures, in order to obtain multifunctional materials for optoelectronic applications.