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Professor Mark Thomas

Professor of Carbon Science


Professor Thomas joined the Chemistry Department at Newcastle University in 1989 after working at British Gas, where he was a Principal Scientist. He was Head of the Department of Chemistry for 1997-2000.  He moved to the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials in 2008 and is now in the School of Engineering. He is currently Head of the Wolfson Northern Carbon Reduction Laboratories. His current research interests  include  all types of porous materials,  and their use for gas storage, separation and purification. Metal organic frameworks  and nanosheets are  a current specific interest. He has 176 publications in peer reviewed journals, including Science, Nature Materials, Nature Chemistry, Nature Communications and Proceedings of the National Academy Sciences (US), as well as a wide range of chemistry, materials, energy and engineering journals. These papers have received  ~13000 independent citations in Web of Science. Professor Thomas has been either Principal Editor or Associate Principal Editor of Fuel (impact Factor 4.6) since 1991. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Areas of expertise: materials characterisation, gas adsorption, porous materials


Gas Storage, Separation and Purification

1)      Gas separation using metal organic framework materials, polymers, cage materials and carbon molecular sieves

2)      Functional Hollow Fibre Adsorbent Materials with a Self-Regulating Composite Outer Layer for Gas Purification with Energy Efficient Electrothermal Regeneration

3)      High pressure hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide storage on porous materials

4)      Shale gas and methane storage under simulated geological temperature and pressure conditions (200°C/200bar).

5)      Hemilabile and Switchable Metal Organic Frameworks




Undergraduate Teaching

CME1020 Chemistry

CME2022 Chemistry 2


Postgraduate Teaching

CME8201 Analytical Chemistry for Process Control

CME8207 On-line Process Control