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Staff Profile

Dr Paul Bilsborrow

Senior Lecturer


Dr Paul Bilsborrow is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences at Newcastle University. His areas of expertise are crop production and bioenergy.

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Research Interests

  • Sustainable production in conventional and organic cropping systems
  • Genetic diversity of crop species - novel and underutilised species and genotypes
  • Optimising agronomic management for enhanced crop quality and nutritional profile - organic fertilisers, biofortification
  • Biomass and renewable energy from agriculture - biofuels, biomass, AD optimisation.

Esteem Indicators

  • January 2008 - Editorial Board member  for Journal of Agricultural Science
  • July 2012-  Senior Editor Journal of Agricultural Science  


Undergraduate Teaching

  • ACE1030 Mans Uses of Plants (Module Leader)
  • ACE1022 Crop Pests (Module Leader)
  • ACE2018 Arable Crops (Module Leader)
  • ACE2024 Principles of Agronomy and Crop Improvement
  • ACE3023 Combinable Crops (Module Leader)
  • ACE3037 Crop Pests Field Course (Module Leader)
  • ACE3034 Applied Crop Protection (Module Leader)
  • ACE3098 Agriculture Dissertation (Module Leader)

Postgraduate Teaching

  • SPG8008 Biomass and Waste Technology (Module Leader)
  • SPG8014 Renewable Energy Resources & Technology II (Module Leader)