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Bilko for DOS Modules

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Bilko for DOS Modules 1-5 for PCs

The original DOS-based Bilko software has served students of marine science and coastal management well through five modules published between 1989 and 1996. However, personal computer technology is rapidly developing and the Bilko project has needed to keep abreast of these developments to continue to serve the need for training and education in the application of remote sensing technologies at a variety of levels. To this end the Bilko software has been redeveloped to run under Windows. However, the new software is compatible with the images created for all the DOS module lessons.

The DOS modules are available on the internet at this and other sites.

If you wish to download one or more of the computer-based training modules prepared for Bilko then you must first register after which we will e-mail you the information required for access to the files for these.

Last updated August, 1999