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Bilko for Windows Module 7

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Bilko Module 7 Documentation

Applications of Satellite and Airborne Image Data to Coastal Management

This page provides links to the documentation for Module 7 in Adobe portable document format (pdf)

Title pages
Section 1

Introduction to the Bilko for Windows 2.0 image processing software

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Introductory on-line tutorials

Section 2

Practical lessons using coastal image data of the Caicos Bank

Lesson 1: Visual interpretation of images with the help of colour composites: getting to know the study area
Lesson 2: The importance of acquiring images of the appropriate scale and spatial resolution for your objectives
Lesson 3: Radiometric correction of satellite images: when and why radiometric correction is necessary
Lesson 4: Crude bathymetric mapping using Landsat TM satellite imagery
Lesson 5: Compensating for variable water depth to improve mapping of underwater habitats: why it is necessary
Lesson 6: Mapping the major inshore marine habitats of the Caicos Bank by multispectral classification using Landsat TM
Lesson 7: Predicting seagrass standing crop from SPOT XS satellite imagery
Lesson 8: Assessing mangrove leaf-area index (LAI) using CASI airborne imagery

Last updated August, 1999