Prof. Alasdair Edwards

Professor of Coral Reef Ecology

School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
Ridley Building
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: +44 (0)191 208 6898


Research Interests

Current research focuses on a) spatial and temporal patterns of recovery of coral reefs from physical damage and mass bleaching events, b) how reef restoration technologies can assist natural recovery processes, c) how gear changes and reserves can assist sustainable fisheries development, d) patterns of coral reproduction in the Indo-Pacific, and e) the systematics and biogeography or reef fish.

Collaborative Research

Recently finished projects include:

Past projects include:

International Collaboration

Prof. Ed Gomez, Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines - efficacy and cost-effectiveness of reef restoration technologies.

Dr Tony Gill, Macleay Museum, University of Sydney - systematics and phylogeny of pseudoplesiopine fishes (Teleostei: Pseudochromidae).

Prof. Andrew Baird, James Cook University; Dr James Guest, Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology; Dr Jess Bouwmeester, Qatar University; Dr Andrew Bauman, National University of Singapore - database of coral spawning

Shoals Rodrigues NGO, Mauritius - Developing reserves for biodiversity conservation and sustainable fisheries.

Professional Positions

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of SECORE International, a leading conservation organization for the protection and restoration of coral reefs, 2016-

Chair of Technical Steering Committee for the GEF/World Bank CCRES (Capturing Coral Reef & Related Ecosystem Services project 2015-2018

Member of IFRECOR (Initiative Française pour les Récifs Coralliens) International Panel of experts on reef habitat classification in French Overseas Territories

Chair of GEF/World Bank Reef Restoration and Remediation Working Group 2004-2010

Member of International Bilko Executive Steering Team (IBEST) for the UNESCO-Bilko remote sensing distance-learning project.

Guest Editor, Special Issue of Marine Pollution Bulletin on Rehabilitation of Coastal Ecosystems published in 1999

Co-organiser of International Workshop on the Rehabilitation of Degraded Coastal Systems (19-24 January 1998, Phuket, Thailand)

Invited speaker at both the Ministerial and Technical sessions at the Small States Conference on Sea Level Rise Male', 14-18 November 1989. See also 1989 report to Commonwealth Secretariat on The Implications of Sea-Level Rise for the Republic of Maldives.

Recent Research Students

  • Hussein Zahir: Patterns of coral community recovery in Maldives following mass bleaching in 1998. (Awarded MPhil 2007)
  • Anne-Marie Kitchen-Wheeler: The behavioural ecology of Alfred's manta (Manta alfredi) in the central Maldives atolls. (Awarded PhD 2013)


I still teach on a Master's module about aspects of coral reef restoration.

Selected Recent Publications

Keith, S.A., Maynard, J.A., Edwards, A.J., Guest, J.R., Bauman, A.G., van Hooidonk, R., Heron, S.F., Berumen, M.L., Bouwmeester, J., Piromvaragorn, S., Rahbek, C. and Baird, A.H. (2016). Coral mass spawning predicted by rapid seasonal rise in ocean temperature. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B: Biological Sciences 283:

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Further info:
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Kitchen-Wheeler, A.-M., Ari, C. and Edwards, A.J. (2012) Population estimates of Alfred mantas (Manta alfredi) in central Maldives atolls: North Male, Ari and Baa. Environmental Biology of Fishes 93: 557-575.

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Also available in:
Bahasa Indonesia

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