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Remote Sensing Internet Resources Directory

Sources of data on the World Wide Web on remote sensing of coastal and marine environments

The following list of data sources provides URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) or "web addresses" of a range of sites we have found particularly useful. These relate primarily to remote sensing but with the emphasis on sensors and satellites of use in coastal management or products of use to coastal managers. Compiled by Alasdair Edwards.

Low spatial resolution sensors (> 100 m) and products  
AVHRR sensor characteristics
NOAA Satellite and Information Service home page
Current operational SST anomaly charts (NOAA AVHRR)
Sea Surface Temperatures (SST) overview
Current operational coral bleaching hotspots (NOAA AVHRR)
Coral reef hotspot animations from 1998 (NOAA/NESDIS)
NOAA/NESDIS/CRTR online data resources for coral reef managers
Ocean Remote Sensing (AVHRR) (John Hopkins University)
NERC Dundee Satellite Receiving Station (UK). Up-to-date archive of images from NOAA and SeaStar polar orbiting satellites.
Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) description
Getting started with Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) data
Advanced Earth Observing Satellite (ADEOS II)
Ocean Color and Temperature Scanner (OCTS) on ADEOS
SeaWiFS Project home page
GeoEye Orbview-2
NOAA satellite altimetry site
TOPEX/Poseidon (global sea level)
Medium spatial resolution sensors (10 - 100 m)  
NASA Earth Science missions homepage (USA)
SPOT Image home page
Landsat program
Obtaining Landsat 7 data
USGS EROS Data Center: Earthshots (Satellite images of environmental change: Landsat)
National Remote Sensing Centre (UK)
Canada Centre for Remote Sensing home page
European Space Agency home page
ESA (European Space Agency) earth observation programmes including ERS and ENVISAT
European Space Agency ERS project
European Space Agency ENVISAT project
Indian Space Research Organisation (IRS data products)
High spatial resolution satellite sensors (< 10 m)  
IKONOS and Orbview-3
Airborne digital remote sensing and aerial photography  
ITRES Research Limited (CASI)
Hyperspectral Data International Inc. (CASI)
Aerial photography and remote sensing (University of Colorado)
GIS, GPS and mapping  
GPS receiver database (GPS World magazine)
Global Positioning System overview (University of Texas at Austin)
Review of GIS and image processing software by UNEP/GRID programme
Remote sensing 101 (University of Minnesota)
Map Scales. A useful site explaining map scales. (US Geological Survey)
Cartographic reference resources (University of Texas at Austin)
Useful links pages and miscellaneous information sources  
Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society
CSIRO Marine Research: Remote Sensing Project (Australia)
J-Track Satellite Tracking page
Satellite related World Wide Web sites (Dundee, UK)
Institute for Marine Remote Sensing, University of South Florida (USA)
Remote sensing and geoscience home pages (Analytical Imaging and Geophysics LLC, Boulder, Colorado)
The Virtual Geography Department home page
CCRS Remote Sensing Glossary
UNESCO Bilko project: training modules in remote sensing
RAPIDS: Real-time Acquisition and Processing - Integrated Data System. PC-based transportable groundstation for real-time, local reception and local processing of high resolution satellite data.
Netherlands Earth Observation Network (NEONET)
Coastal Remote Sensing Toolkit (University of Queensland)