b100 - Physiological Sciences BSc

Photograph of student that studied this course

Meet Lauren from the UK

About me

Why did you choose to study at Newcastle University?

I have always lived in Newcastle and did not want to move far away from home as I liked the idea of living in a city I know is fantastic where I can visit my family often. Also Newcastle operate a traditional style of teaching making the University perfect for me. I felt very welcomed by the open day which assured me Newcastle was the right choice for me.

What do you most enjoy about studying your course? What has been your favourite module?

I originally chose to study Biomedical Sciences, however I really enjoyed the Physiology module and have now chosen to specialise in that for 2nd year. The best parts about studying Biomed are the practical experiments as they give you a chance to apply what you have learned in lectures whilst working with others as a team.

What do you think of the teaching quality on your course?

I think the teaching quality is excellent as lecturers are always willing to answer questions or give you additional support. Lectures are always accessible before the day so you have time to prepare and can additionally use recap after the lecture has taken place. Furthermore the teaching is split up into lectures, seminars and practical experiments so there are plenty of opportunities to revise a topic and enhance your understanding, as well as discussing the subject with others.

If you had to recommend your course to a student trying to choose a university what would you say to them?

Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle University is great if you enjoy science and aren’t 100% sure on what you want as a career as first year has a variety of modules and also gives you opportunities to transfer to Medicine and Dentistry. However if this not for you, you can choose to specialise in a module you have particularly enjoyed during first year or just stick with Biomed. The opportunities are endless.

What do you enjoy most about life in Newcastle? 

I really like the size of the city and the vast amount of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. On every night there are variety of nights so there’s always something everyone can enjoy. I also like that the city is near the coastline and so days out to the beach are only a metro trip away.
What do you think about the clubs and societies that you can join? If you have been a member of one, what sort of activities has it involved?
There is a wide range of societies and if you still can’t find something for you, you can even create your own society. I am a member of BioSci which is great because it helps you to make friends with other people studying the same course. There are usually weekly socials which can involve bar crawls, quizzes and formal balls. My favourite BioSci activity was the trip to Amsterdam last year, it was really cheap and well organised by the BioSci committee.

Where do you live? Was it easy to sort out accommodation?

I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne but lived in a rented house with my friends from school for first year so I did not apply for University accommodation. I remember receiving lots of emails from the Uni though so I’m sure they are able to give you lots of help if you are unsure on where to apply.

Do you have any tips on budgeting, student finance or funding your studies?

It is important to apply for student finance early to make sure you get your money on time, when you find out your entitlement summary I would suggest making a budget by taking rent, food and social activities into consideration. I have a part time job and would recommend trying to get weekend work to help fund your studies. Not only is it a bit of extra money but looks great on your CV as work experience and shows you can manage your time efficiently.

What are your career aspirations after you graduate?

I aspire to be a Physiologist or work for the NHS, studying at Newcastle is helping me by giving career advice and having a superb careers service. On my course, as well as written exams we also do practical exams in which a certificate is awarded. These skills stand out to employers as well as having a degree from a Russell Group University.