b46d - Food and Human Nutrition BSc


About me

Choosing Newcastle

Friends had previously went here and I loved the city and knew I would be happy to live here. 

Studying at Newcastle

I’ve always been interested in nutrition and health so all the nutrition based modules are most enjoyable. Although in first and second year I had to attend lectures which I didn’t particularly enjoy, in third year the course became more nutrition based and my favourite module was nutrition and disease because you learn so much about how to interpret scientific evidence and appreciate the importance of nutrition on health. All the teaching staff are really helpful and are happy to discuss any issues you may have and support you as much as possible.  

Recommending Food and Human Nutrition

Newcastle is a great city if you are an outgoing person. The staff are all really nice and the student support services are really good especially if you have learning difficulties or health issues. There is support provided from the University at all times and everyone that goes to Newcastle University loves it. 

Living in Newcastle

It’s not that different to my home city and a lot of people that go to Newcastle are from a range of different places so you end up with friends from loads of different places which is important to me. Everyone in Newcastle in general is really friendly!

Managing your money

Newcastle is a cheap city in general so it’s not too hard to stay within your student loan. There are also loads of event nights that you can promote for if you think you need extra cash but don’t want to work a set amount of hours on a rota basis. 

Future plans

Currently I am not sure what I will be doing however I have applied for lots of different roles with one in nutrition. Studying at Newcastle has helped me as I had to do a placement year which I learnt a lot in and was able to grow more as a person and realise that I definitely didn’t want to work in the food industry. It also gave me an in depth knowledge of nutrition and health and has helped me know what I want to progress in in the future.