c100 - Biology BSc

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Meet Oskar from the UK

About Me

Choosing Newcastle

I chose Newcastle University because it had an excellent reputation with Biological sciences, as well as having a very high student satisfaction rate, but one of the main reasons I wanted to come to Newcastle was the city itself. It’s so much fun!

Studying at Newcastle

The lecturers have been knowledgeable and engaging, most of them have done their own interesting research within the university. They all truly love their subjects making them want their students to love it, this makes them very effective teachers.

Studying Biology

The most enjoyable thing about my course is that it never gets stale. There is so much variation, from Animal Behaviour to Genetics and then to Plant Biology. The practicals are a nice change of pace. One day you are running PCR reactions and the next you are studying aggressive Japanese fighting fish. It is difficult to pick a favourite module, all have interesting aspects, but two of my favourites have been Animal Physiology and Animal Behaviour.

Recommending Biology

You aren’t at all restricted to one topic that may become boring you have plenty of options to explore in Biology. If you find something really interesting you can take it further in your second and third years. Don’t take the practicals for granted; the facilities that are available to you are amazing. Some of my friends have said they wished they had a different form of learning when lectures get a bit dull like learning in a lab and learning new skills.

Living in Newcastle

The nightlife is the best in the country! I have never once been bored in this city, there is so much to do during the day and night. Endless night clubs, bars, restaurants anything you could ever want in a city is here.

Being Social

I am a member of the Biology society (BioSoc) however there are so many to choose from. Societies usually involve themed nights, discount drinks and bar crawls.