c161 - Marine Biology BSc

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Meet Emma from the UK

About me

Choosing Newcastle

I chose Newcastle because of its excellent facilities for Marine Science, for example the historic Dove Marine Laboratory (on nearby Cullercoats Beach) which has aquariums. The University also owns a uniquely designed research vessel, The Princess Royal, which students use to conduct surveys throughout their degree.

Studying at Newcastle

I love the options for travel to study the difference in marine life from around the world compared to the North Sea.

Newcastle offers several field trips, last year we went to the Millport Biological Station on the Isle of Cumbrae. This year I am on a field trip to Bermuda and conducting my dissertation in the Bahamas.

Recommending Newcastle

I'd say that Newcastle offers an opportunity to study in an active research environment. The staff are very dedicated to the students. The facilities are excellent – especially the research vessel, Princess Royal. Not many students can say that they sometimes study on a catamaran!

Getting involved

There's such diverse range of societies to join at Newcastle and some really interesting clubs like Sub Aqua and Ice Hockey. I’ve experienced the Surf Club which had relaxed and fun bar-crawl socials. I also did six-week archery course, which was fun.

Future plans

I want to do a Master’s at Newcastle and study international marine environmental consultancy – to hopefully become a marine environmental consultant.