c700 - Biochemistry BSc

Meet Hannah from the UK

About me

Studying Biochemistry 

My favourite modules have been the DNA repair, Protein- DNA interactions and the molecular basis of cancer modules because they’re very detailed and specific, which is almost easier to remember than something that is a bit more vague!

I thought the teaching quality was excellent at Newcastle, especially on a specialised course as there are fewer students, and you get to know your lecturers quite well! They are more than happy to give you help if you ask. 

Recommending Biochemistry 

I would definitely recommend Biochemistry to a prospective student, the course is very well organised and structured and the school are constantly asking for feedback to find ways of improvement. Specifically Biochemistry at Newcastle is brilliant, as the research is so cutting edge and varied, therefore you have a large choice for lab experience if you wish! 

Living in Newcastle

I love life in Newcastle! With it being a smaller city, everything is on your doorstep and just a walk away. There is plenty to do, lovely restaurants and bars, and it is really cheap! The metro (underground train) is great for visiting beaches or nearby towns on a weekend.

Being social 

There are plenty of societies and clubs to join ranging from tea/cocktail societies to competitive sports! It is a great way to meet new people and try new things.

Student accommodation

I lived in St. Mary’s Halls in Fenham for first year and Jesmond in second and third year. It was relatively easy to find accommodation to suit yours and your flatmates budget and area requirements. My main piece of advice would be to properly research estate agents before signing any documents or paying any money as not all have the best intentions. 

Managing your money

I used to budget around £50 a week for food and living, so then you know exactly how much you’re spending, and I definitely managed to save money this way rather than waste it!

Future plans

I am really looking forward to working as a Graduate Ambassador for the University! I can’t wait to promote the university to prospective students and also help them with such important decisions.

I hope to go into science communication as a career, throughout my time at Newcastle I learnt that I really have a passion for science. My part time jobs at the uni such as; working at open days, working as a science writer for a beauty blog, ‘Beauty by the Geeks’ and work with employability ambassadors helped me to realise that I also love communicating about science and explaining the complex terminology to something more digestible!