c8c1 - Psychology and Biology BSc Joint Honours

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Meet Natalie from the UK

About me

Name: Natalie
Course: Psychology and Biology BSc Honours
Where I'm from: UK

Choosing Newcastle

I have always wanted to go to Newcastle University; it was the world-class research conducted here which initially attracted me, along with its friendly campus-feel but closeness to the city centre.

Studying at Newcastle

Joint honours really allows me to choose the aspects of each subject I enjoy the most and tailor my degree exactly to my interests. I loved that I was able to meet so many more people, and have two completely different friendship groups.

Recommending Newcastle

The city itself is perfect for students, right on the doorstep of the University and there’s always something going on or something to do. Everyone at Newcastle is always really friendly and happy to help you, so you feel at home as soon as you move in.

Joint honours at Newcastle is a perfect way to do your favourite aspects of two different subjects. You get a Joint Honours tutor, and advisors from both departments so there’s always support if you need it. I loved the fact that you meet so many more people and get to tailor your degree exactly to your own interests.

Getting involved

There’s a wide range of different clubs and societies you can get involved in at Newcastle. Last year I was on the committee for the Psychology Society and we organised socials and events such as cocktail training and a ball, as well as a trip to Amsterdam.

Student accommodation

Now I live in Jesmond which is a really popular student area. It was pretty easy to find a house we all liked, and the University was great at providing extra help when we needed it.

Future plans

I have enjoyed the research opportunities so much at Newcastle that I’m now hoping to go on to do a Masters and a PhD relating to Neuroscience.