f867 - Geographic Information Science (YiI) BSc

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Meet Jess from the UK

About me

Choosing Newcastle

I chose to study at Newcastle as I wanted to experience university life in a city. Newcastle as a city is vibrant and friendly, thus making it an ideal choice. It has a whole host of services and activities which makes it perfect for student life. As well as this the course completely applied to my interests.

Studying at Newcastle

My favourite module is GIS – I find it fascinating how we are able to overlay data to create an understandable visual representation of virtual data. The many practicals we do allow us to have a true understanding of the procedures, expanding our knowledge and understanding. 

All of the teaching is done very enthusiastically. The lecturers apply what we are learning to scenarios and purposes. This means that we understand how relevant what we are learning is, increasing our interest in the subject.

Recommending Newcastle

I’d say ‘Come to Newcastle’. Newcastle is a truly fab city to study in. The University has so many opportunities including setting you up for a future career. The course is practical, interesting and informative; if that is what you want out of a degree then this is the place for you.

Living in Newcastle

Everyone is so friendly which makes the move away from home so much easier. Although the city is large, you don't have to spend money on public transport as everything you need is in walking distance. Of course the nightlife is also brilliant but you always feel safe, which is very important. 

Getting involved

There are so many societies it is impossible to know which ones to join. I chose to join Women’s Rugby, which is a very social team – everyone is very welcoming and friendly. We have fitness, training, matches and socials every week. This allows you to make friends with students from other years.

Student Accommodation

I live in The View. As the accommodation was all done online it was a very easy process. After we received our results we found out our accommodation very speedily therefore there was ease throughout the entire process.

Managing my money

Grainger Market is the best place for fruit and veg - no second thoughts about that! Definitely plan meals as well. It sounds silly but wasting food becomes a big ‘no-no’ as that money could have been spent elsewhere!

Future plans

My course is very specialised and has good connections with industry. I would ideally love to become a cartographer and this degree sets me out perfectly for this career.