h290 - Civil Engineering MEng

Meet Abbi from the UK

About me

Choosing Newcastle

I chose Newcastle based on its excellent academic reputation, as well as the city having a lively atmosphere and being full of friendly people.

Studying at Newcastle

I enjoy my course as it is challenging and there is a large variety of topics within the course. My favourite module is fluid mechanics. The teaching quality as a whole is excellent. The staff are friendly and helpful. The facilities in our department are also good which makes learning enjoyable.

Living in Newcastle

It’s a brilliant city. You feel safe walking around day and night. Buzzing atmosphere and great northern vibe, cheap which is perfect for students. I would definitely recommend Newcastle as it is a brilliant place to be. The city is great, not too big but everything you could ever want.

Getting involved

There is a massive range of choice in terms of societies. There is something for everyone. I am a member of the Civil Engineering & Geosciences Society which do excellent social events which are great to make new friends and have a good time.

Managing your money

Do not blow it all on nights out and takeaways! Online shops can be good as you don’t have to carry it all from the shops and it stops you buying things you don’t really need.

Future plans

I would like to become a chartered civil engineer and as I am doing the masters course, this will satisfy all the educational requirements to do this.  Newcastle’s course is accredited which means that big firms are more likely to employ me.