h291 - Civil Engineering with Foundation Year MEng

Meet James from the UK

About me

Choosing Newcastle

Newcastle is a well-regarded university, with a nice compact campus close to the city centre. When visiting on the open days the staff were very friendly and the calibre of staff was very high. It also felt like the staff wanted to learn with you and were very interactive.

Studying at Newcastle

Overall I feel that the teaching is of very high quality. Within the School of Engineering you get exposure to world leading professors right from the beginning of the degree. The lecturers are always very happy to help and answer questions and happy for people to pop in and see them during their office hours.

Recommending Civil and Structural Engineering

The course is very varied and gives everyone a good basis in all areas of civil engineering. This is very important as it is gives you a good basis to choose the modules which you enjoy later on in the course. My favourite modules have been ones where we were able to get have hands on experience with the subject material. One of the best of these is the steel and concrete module in the second year where you get to go thought the design process in class and then build the reinforced concrete beam. Finally you then get to test whether the theoretical loading capacities calculated in class are correct.

Recommending Newcastle

The campus is very good and compact however it is very close to the city centre meaning it is very easy to go and do things in breaks. The city is a very vibrant city. It reputation for the night life is well founded however there are many fun activities.

Getting involved

I have been a member of the Sailing and Yachting Club throughout my time at university. We have competed in numerous sailing events throughout England and Scotland. In the last year I have been on a social Yachting trip up to Largs, I have been lucky enough to make the Yachting team for University Yacht Nationals which is held on the Solent as well as many team racing events hosted by different universities in the north of England.

Managing my money

Setting a weekly budget is one of the most important things to do in order to set a yearly budget. The university has numerous jobs available such as bar work in mensbar and being a student ambassador.

Future goals

Once I graduate I would like to follow a career in Structural Engineering Consulting. The school is very supportive and has excellent industrial links. Through these in my final year of study as part of one of the modules I am undertaking a placement with a Structural Engineering Consult.

Sport at Newcastle

As a member of the University Sailing and Yachting team I have benefited hugely from the facilities provided by the university. The university is lucky enough to have a yacht berthed at Blythe marina which is sailed regularly over the winter. In 2015 with money provided by the University and the Students Union we were also able to purchase 6 new fireflys for team racing which are sailed regularly at Derwent reservoir.