h355 - Marine Techn w Offshore Engineering BEng

Photograph of student that studied this course

Meet Serena from Malaysia

About me

Choosing Newcastle

I chose Newcastle because of its rating as one of the best marine technology courses and the lecturers are published in many well-known journals. I know another Malaysian who came here a year before me and she is enjoying her experience, so this made my decision much easier.

Studying at Newcastle

The best part is you get to meet many people from all around the globe in lectures. With this experience, good networking can be developed when I start my job.

My favourite module is one where we get to calculate and build our own model crane out of steel, we had a competition after to see which group’s design was the lightest and strongest. The whole process was fun and we learned how to apply theories in real life.

Recommending Newcastle

University is a place where are going to spend a number of years, so choosing the appropriate course and environment is very important for your education as well as growth. I absolutely enjoy my time in Newcastle University which gives me quality education, sense of belonging and also amazing networking.

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle is a city packed with exciting activities and interesting people. You'll find a place that suits you, from a quiet library and park; to a place rich with history, culture and arts; to a city filled with technology and great shopping venues; to a place full of concerts and great music. I personally enjoy the multicultural societies and activities the most, where I get to meet people from all over and learn much from them.

Student Accommodation

In my first year, I stayed in a self-catered student hall with five other students. During this period, I managed to learn and adapt to the British culture and weather. I met some interesting people that I get along well with and we moved to private accommodation. With the internet and help from the University, looking for accommodation was a smooth task for me.

Getting involved

I never did any dancing back in my country but being in Newcastle, I joined the Tango society for two years which is a great experience for me.

Managing my money

The cost of living in Newcastle is not very high. Due to the fact that I like to go out for meals and holidays, I got myself a part-time job from my second year onwards. This allows me to have more entertainment and a satisfaction at the end of the day.

Future plans

I got a job as an engineer back home after my undergraduate studies, for one of the best companies that are actively moving into the Offshore Industry. At the same time, I was offered funding to do a PhD by the School. Research was something that never really crossed my mind, but I loved the challenge and took it up.

Studying at Newcastle University gave me more options after I graduate, it prepared me for the industrial world as well as the academic world.