h810 - Chem Eng BEng

Photograph of student that studied this course

Meet Angella from Indonesia

About me

Choosing Newcastle

I chose Newcastle University because it is one of the best universities in chemical engineering. It is not only located in Newcastle, which is known to be a student city, but also a member of the Russell Group.

Studying at Newcastle

Chemical engineering may sound difficult, but it is worth the hard work. Learning something new is always fun for me, not to mention what I can experience inside the lab. One of the modules, transfer processes, has always piqued my curiosity because it is related closely to our simple daily life yet has surprising theory.

Living in Newcastle

I love Newcastle’s atmosphere since it is not a big city like London. There are less distractions so you can concentrate more on your study.

Getting involved

I am a member of photography and tennis clubs. It's so much fun to be a member and you can meet more friends from outside your course.

Future plans

I’m planning on applying for an internship this summer. As an international student I have to get a job before my student visa expires. By doing a summer internship I may get an offer from the company I will be working for.

The University's Careers Service can help find a company, check your CV, and even help to train you for an interview.