k100 - Architecture BA

Photograph of student that studied this course

Meet Sun from Malaysia

About me

Choosing Newcastle 

I chose Newcastle mostly because of the city and the people here, since I was studying at INTO Newcastle I was familiar with the city and really like it here. Besides, this city also gave me nice memories and I am really happy to be here for the rest of my degree studies.

Studying at Newcastle

I like the Architectural Design Module most as this is the essence of the course itself – it allows us the freedom of our imagination alongside advice and guidance by the experienced tutors (including INTO foundation tutor). This really helps in training us students in order to become good architects whilst giving us the opportunity to enjoy university life.

The teaching quality of the course is fantastic, we are given loads of information in the lectures and additional sources of information to refer to which allows us to further our interest on the subject quite easily.

Recommending Newcastle

You will not regret your decision – Newcastle is a vibrant city with lots of stuff going on; you will not be bored. Apart from this, Newcastle University itself is a high ranking university in the UK, so you don’t need to worry about the teaching quality.

Living in Newcastle

I mostly enjoyed the study life here in Newcastle; obviously it’s a combination of study and living. You get easy access to daily necessities like food and entertainment, so you don’t have to spend time worrying about all these (especially during exams or deadlines).

You have a variety of nice restaurants to choose from if you are a food lover, from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Italian etc – you name it. Lastly, Newcastle has a rather good location where you can take the train to Edinburgh or London in just a few hours.

Getting involved

I’m in the Motorsport Society as I'm a motorcar addict and I really like the feeling of driving, so this absolutely fulfilled my dream. The karting experience is just awesome and I also tried wet track and it was absolutely amazing.

Future plans

Studying at Newcastle really trains me well to prepare for the future as the tutors always mention real working experience and how it differs from studies.