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Combined Honours BA Honours

Choose topics from our Single Honours degrees to create a unique pathway spanning two or three subjects of your choice.

Economics BSc Honours

This degree equips you with an understanding of economic issues in modern society, and of the global and national settings in which economic activities take place.

Economics and Business Management BA Honours

This degree combines study of the key concepts, tools and techniques of economics with a thorough understanding of business.

Economics and Finance BSc Honours

On this degree you'll develop a thorough understanding of financial management and economics.

Government and European Union Studies BA Honours

This degree combines the study of the politics and culture of the European Union and its member states, with study of a modern European language.

International Relations BA Honours

This programme provides a solid theoretical and empirical grounding in International Relations.

Mathematics and Economics BSc Honours

The combination of economic theory and mathematical skills you gain on this degree will appeal to a wide range of employers.

Politics BA Honours

Politics is one of the most dynamic and diverse academic subjects available and you will study everything from pressing issues of international crisis to the latest domestic political developments.

Politics and History BA Honours

This degree allows you to combine your interests in history and politics, dividing your time equally between the two.

Politics and International Relations BA Honours

This degree offers the chance to choose from a variety of specialist modules in both Politics and International Relations.

Politics and Sociology BA Honours

Political issues are invariably social issues, involving questions of power, inequalities, conflict and change in contemporary societies.

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