q100 - Linguistics BA

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Meet Megan from United Kingdom

About me

Choosing Newcastle

I fell in love with the University the moment I visited on the Open Day. I loved that it wasn’t all these modern day universities trying to impress with not-so-impressive architecture. Newcastle’s quintessential Russell Group feel with its red brick appearance was very appealing. The proximity between campus and the main city was a big aspect as well as the convenience seemed unreal. I had also been offered an unconditional so it was a no-brainer to place my bets on Newcastle Uni.

Studying at Newcastle

The lecturers on my course are both approachable and inspiring. It is obvious that they are researchers in their area and that they are interested in their field. It makes learning from them that bit more interesting as we can learn about important and stimulating content that has been researched and even conducted by those who are teaching it. I am also just generally really interested in the content of the course. Each module offers you the chance to learn about what you want to learn about.

Studying Linguistics

My favourite modules are the modules I didn’t even think about when I accepted the offer. Linguistics presents so many different fields to explore, and my particular favourites are those that are more science based. Syntactic Theory is a passion of mine since starting university. Even though I’ve found it a struggle, I enjoy the challenge and was heavily supported by the staff when needed. The course has a diverse range of students who all thus far are friendly and approachable. University set units in the form of Study Groups are great for supporting each other in class, and also for socialising with new crowds.

Recommending Newcastle

Everything about Newcastle from the university, to the town, the locals, the nightlife, to the cheap cost of living is worth giving the chance. I believe my course is so diverse, you get to learn an overall basis of everything within the first year, and then you really get to hone in on your preferred field whatever that may be.

Recommending Newcastle

It is so cheap and so friendly. General living costs and nightlife costs are easily some of the cheapest in the country. Although I did fall in love with Newcastle on the open day and post applicant day, living here just made me realise. Newcastle is such a great city; it’s big enough to have all the amazing nightlife, shopping, or anything else you’d expect, but also small enough to feel homely. There are so many hidden gems in Newcastle that I’m only just finding out about two years into my degree! Amazingly individual places such as the Cat Café, Great British Cupcakery, and Tyneside Cinema honestly make Newcastle such the endearing city it is!

Being Social

For first year I regret not joining many societies, although I did join my course societies (Linguistics and French). They provide great nights out that you can enjoy with course mates that you may not socialize with in lectures. They also offer great events that you definitely would not do elsewhere.

I have joined Newcastle Student Radio where I have my very own radio show that is completely mine to direct! I also have the possibility to attend free gigs and interview artists in return for a recommendation on the weekly music show. I have begun to interview weekly with the Coffee House Sessions tour artists, meaning I get to meet new and upcoming artists. Within the first fortnight of joining the society, I bagged an interview and a guest list spot for a gig with Twin Atlantic, which was absolutely amazing. The community for NSR is lovable and inviting, and I definitely recommend this society.

Student Accommodation

For my first year I lived in Richardson Road accommodation and I loved every single millisecond of it. The cheap price of the accommodation brought together bunches of ‘cliché’ students that made the total experience needed for first year. Although I couldn’t possibility live at home and commute, if I did have the choice I would always chose to live at university accommodation. Living with other first years going through the exact same transition and experience definitely help ease the pressure of the millions of new experiences that you go through when starting university.

Managing your money

As I’m one of the few students that loves organisation, I actually make yearly budgeting spreadsheets that takes into consideration rent, bills, etc. I then figure out how much I can afford to spend weekly on food and other things (such as nights out, treats, etc). My best advice would be to do something similar and figure out how much money you can spend each week and stick to it! Any leftover money can be a treat at the end of the semester!

Future plans

I find it so difficult to narrow it down to one particular sector of linguistics, as I cannot bear to think of letting go of the other aspects! The Careers Service at Newcastle are amazing for helping you look in the right direction, which is what I am currently hoping to do. However, as I have said, if I didn’t manage to choose a direct path, I know that I could use my degree and knowledge from each module to ease my way into whichever career path I choose!