q800 - Classics BA

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Meet Jessica from the UK

About me

Choosing Newcastle

I chose Newcastle because the city’s surroundings perfectly fit my course and choice of lifestyle. The city is rich with history and not far from Hadrian’s Wall. Aside from studies the city has a great nightlife and so many lovely places to visit!

Studying at Newcastle

My course is quite small which allows a lot of personal engagement in many of the classes. I love how in-depth we are able to go with many of the texts and how much we discover about the culture of the classical world in every class. The course has been exactly what I hoped and I have enjoyed it thoroughly!

Getting involved

Newcastle University offers so much for students in the form of societies, help with studies and career advice. During my time here I have always felt like students are of prime importance and that whatever the case may be the University will always do its best to make a student comfortable.

The best thing about the societies is that you really don’t need to have any experience in them to join them. Most of the societies offer beginners’ classes, so it is really easy to have a go at something you've never done before.

This year I joined Dance Society which was a great and cheap way to keep up my ballet classes. The classes were challenging but really fun. Dance Society also arranges loads of socials, from going to see shows to fancy dress themed nights out.

Student Accommodation

My first year accommodation in Windsor Terrace was absolutely lovely and Newcastle as a city is always an exciting and eventful place to live – what more could you ask for?

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle is quite a student-orientated city, so we are perfectly catered for! The famous nightlife tends to live up to expectations with venues for all music tastes, really lush cocktail bars and an endless amount of great pubs to discover. Despite the busy nightlife, the city is quite quaint with beautiful scenery around the quayside and lovely nearby towns like Tynemouth.

Managing my money

In first and second year I have been able to manage a casual job alongside my studies which has really helped with living costs. Depending on your course’s work load, I would recommend doing this.

There are plenty of ways to make your student finance go far. Try to cook as much as you can and not go out for loads of meals. It is easy to buy lunch out every day in-between lectures, but so much cheaper to make a packed lunch! When you move out of halls the library is a great place to save on your gas and electricity bills: the heating is always on and you can charge your electronics!

Future plans

I would really like to stay at Newcastle University to do a Master’s in my course and eventually I would like to teach Ancient History in a college. Another ambition of mine is to travel Europe and see all the ancient sites which I have studied!