v110 - Ancient History BA

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Meet Oisin from the UK

About me

Choosing Newcastle

I chose Newcastle because the course was flexible and exactly what I had been looking for in a degree. The lecturers gave a great impression of a professional and experienced department full of published academics.

I also chose Newcastle because it is a great city to live in. It's affordable and realistic for a full time student.

Studying at Newcastle

Newcastle is the best student city. The city itself has so much to offer and explore; comedy, music, real ale, fresh fish, art galleries, parks, markets and sporting giants. The nightlife is the best in the country and if you get tired of the buzzing city the coast and majestic countryside is minutes away.

The University teaches at a very high standard and values its students.

Getting involved

There are clubs and societies for any interest. All the groups are welcoming and happy to be strengthened by new talent or people just up for a laugh. 

Student Accommodation

The student accommodation is perfectly situated and the student areas are conveniently close to the beautiful city centre.

I currently live in West Jesmond. It was incredibly easy to find a suitable cheap and warm house. The house search can be stressful but it’s also pretty exciting in Newcastle because of the low student prices.

Managing my money

Work out how much money you actually have to spend. With the many exclusions and bills that come out of the loan it can often be easy to ignore the truth of your financial situation but once you work it out living becomes a lot less stressful.

Future plans

I am staying in Newcastle to work for another year to save up to do a Master’s and travel.